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Our Engineering and design services are of superior quality while being the best value in the industry. Tera Engineering offers insight and planning from real engineers and industry experts. Our primary engineering team has vast experience in product design, prototyping, and manufacturing.

Injection Molding

With the most comprehensive and effective contract manufacturing service in the nation. We take on the project and see it through from conceptual design all the way through production. We provide honest answers to tough questions and strategic advice all centered on your success.

3D Printing

You can expect not only exceptional parts but also the very best in customer service. Our technologies ensure that your 3D prints and prototypes maintain accurate tolerances no matter the application. Our team is passionate about prototyping and strives to always build the best prototypes for our clients.

Foam Carving

The modeling technique is used in rapid prototyping and fiberglass/composite mold making. Using large scale 96″ x 70″ x 60″ CNC milling equipment, we can sculpt nearly any geometrtical shape imaginable. Tera Engineering offers insight, and advice from real engineers and industry experts.

We believe our work speaks for itself

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